Harvest Moon


How many of us actually realised that last Thursday night (in the northern hemisphere at least) heralded the yearly appearance of what is known in traditional sky law as The harvest moon?

Well, just to clarify, the Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, and depending on the year, the Harvest Moon can come anywhere from two weeks before to two weeks after the autumnal equinox. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the 2013 autumnal equinox comes on September 22, so the September 19 full moon counts as the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon.

It’s name is derived from the fact that in the days before farm machinery, farmers and farm workers would take advantage of the additional hours of light and work through the night in order to complete the harvest, something that was vital not just for the success of the farm, but for the lives of those who were reliant on its sustenance during the rapidly approaching winter months.

Well I am an avid sky and star gazer, and Thursday night was no exception. Whilst admiring the beautiful full moon that adorned the late September night sky with a certain commanding presence, my thoughts turned to those who in the past, and who may still, rely upon the Harvest Moon to give help and guidance through its appearance in the autumnal sky. With this in mind I have strung together a few words which I hope may capture some it’s true value. Enjoy!

Here in the season of mists we await,
The silver sky maiden to arise and awake,
For upon her presence is written our fate,
Time is short and much is at stake!

Rising up high and clearing the sky,
The magical orb casts a spell through the night,
And thus we shall stack our bails so high,
Whilst the maiden pauses and bathes us in light.

Dawn approaches and our work is done,
The maiden has disappeared with the rising sun,
And so we give thanks to our dear harvest moon,
Though lingers a feeling that the year past so soon.

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