Mast Year


Under the burdened apple tree,
Late rubies tumble and fall,
By a lagoon of calm stillness,
Mists envelope like a shawl,
Furry acrobats enjoy swollen kernels,
Hints of future ciders are drawn,
Strewn in over abundance,
Across the garden lawn.

In the wild hedgerows of the hither-land,
That brim so full of life,
Cutting the rolling farmland,
Into a quilt of patchwork delight,
A rustling and something stirs,
Beneath feathers of green and gold,
Gatherers of harvest’s splendour,
Indeed they are now so bold!

Across a field of razors,
Reigns silence and a naked air,
Shadowless and almost featureless,
The land laid barren and bare,
Encircled by giants in autumnal robes,
Arms spread wide yet hang so low,
Prickly baubles burst at the seams,
Expectant creatures wait below.

To the forest of scarlet umbrellas,
Where the air fills with spinning wings,
Cloven hooves patter and rummage,
Amongst shells trampled by antlered kings,
Balmy days of sharing with peers,
And a right to feast and store,
Mast fills the eyes with joyous tears,
Like the glorious years of yore.

31 thoughts on “Mast Year

    • Thank you so much, your words have humbled me, coming from such a brilliant writer as yourself.
      Indeed this autumn has been more spectacular than usual, even being declared as a “mast year” here in the UK due to the abundance of fruits, nuts etc.
      It certainly deserves to be captured and celebrated through the written word!

    • Thank you so much for sharing that with me! You have made my day! I am so glad that you can see and feel the images, that is exactly what I had hoped and wished for. You have given me confidence to write some more!

  1. The imagery of this entire piece is simply breathtaking, but the simple part “by antlered kings,” honestly brought a tear to my eye and instantly pulled my imagination and soul back into the years of yore. Isn’t it funny how just a few perfectly chosen words strung together can really transport us through space and time? Perhaps, it’s because the mighty, noble Stag is no longer as honored as it once was…

    • I cannot thank you enough for taking time to comment on my poem. I am most humbled and honoured by your kind and thoughtful words.
      Indeed you are most correct in your observation regarding the Stag. In bygone days Stags were revered in various forms, holding a special place in the lives and traditions of people. Trying to re-capture this esteem and reverence through the written word is the least one can do for these most noble of creatures. I am so glad that you felt this too, having opened your mind and soul and thus allowing yourself to be transported along a journey through time and space via the poetic words. It is most touching and makes it all worthwhile.
      My heartfelt thanks once more…

  2. I love the feel of it. It is caressing of the soul. There is also the element of musicality in the lyrical rhyme. The imagery surpasses the objects themselves, resplendent in symbolic imaginings. Such a marriage between the verbal and the visual hemispheres of the brain. Hope you don’t mind the analysis. It’s what I do best. Sandra

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it is always a great pleasure and honour to receive your comments and analysis.
      I also thank you for taking time to really read my poem and allow its words to ignite your imagination through its symbolism. That was exactly my intention when I wrote this piece, so to read that I may have achieved that in some way has really made it worthwhile and very fulfilling.
      I always appreciate your kind and thoughtful words!

    • Thank you so much for your most kind comments and for taking time to read my poem, I am truly honoured and humbled by your words.
      Your valuable feedback is most welcome, and I really appreciate it. Most of all, I am so glad that you could almost feel the autumnal air through the words, as the poem is a reflection of a real journey through nature that I so wanted to share with others, and now I feel I may have achieved that in some way.
      Thank you so much!

      • O Minstrel, you have an old soul indeed – one that’s lived a hundred lifetimes yet still finds beauty in the mundane. You don’t perchance stroll through the wood playing a lyre while dreaming up your beautiful verse, do you? Your energy feels very medieval.

        So pleased to make your acquaintance.

      • Dear lady of the spinning wheel,

        Indeed the eyes of your heart are more perceptive than you can perhaps imagine. And there is certainly magic in your words.

        It is a priviledge and honour to make your esteemed acquaintance too.

      • Yes, my heart is perceptive. I interpret the world looking inward, and you do so looking out. You have inspired me to at least try to view my outer surroundings as inspiration. If I am able to bring forth any words from that exercise, may I share them with you?

      • Your eloquence and perception is astounding!
        I am so humbled to think that you would want to share your precious words with me! Yes, please do, it would be a tremendous honour for me. I am sure that you will bring forth a most inspired and mesmerizing view of the world!
        I look forward to hearing from you, in great anticipation!

      • Well, I should tell you that i hardly ever write about the inner, lest I share it with anyone! But for you I shall!

        It will be next assignment, but please promise to be gentle, as turning inward to write is something very personal, and certainly it is not something that I would normally do.
        Thank you for the inspiration!

      • So tender! We’ll take small steps together. Your exercise 1 – describe a feeling in 5 sentences. And I will take a walk and find something outdoors to relate to you in 5 sentences.

      • Oh Dear. I am quite an emotional person, inside at least, so having to describe a feeling has positively sent me into a whirl!
        Okay, five sentences it is, I will henceforth leave the kitchen and get writing! I would much rather take that walk with you though! Sounds like a far better proposition to write about something outdoors!
        I look forward to hearing from you soon!

      • Thank you so much! I replied to your post on your page.

        I wrote my lines straight away, after an outburst of tears. Now I don’t know whether to post it on my blog or not? It’s quite emotional..,

      • To post or not to post, that is the question. Keep it for yourself and share if/when you are ready. In the meantime, I will practice keeping my head up and thoughts outward as you practice going the other way. Enjoy the journey. I bet you created something lovely today that was aching to be birthed.

  3. I’m sure delighted you visited my blog because it has brought me to your wonderful blog. I just love this autumn landscape full of colour and lovely metaphors like ‘late rubies’, ‘furry acrobats, ‘prickly baubles’ and ‘antlered kings’. Your beautiful poem also brings back memories of my younger days in the Northern hemisphere. You’re a great poet. So nice to meet you.
    Thanks for the follow and liking my post. Cheers 🙂 Irina

    • Thank you so much for your delightful comment! I am so glad that my poem brought you both pleasure and pleasant memories from your youth. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to read that my poem has given some happiness, and makes it all worth while! 🙂

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