Foxy Spirit


October has arrived, and both city dwellers and country folk alike may have noticed a subtle increase in the number of foxes that roam at night. The reason? During the later part of the year, in what is known as the season of dispersion, kits leave the family den and “disperse”, to seek out their own territories and establish new lives.

To many people, the presence of foxes may be seen as something controversial. However, in traditional cultures, the fox possesses a spirit associated with wisdom, cunning and guidance.

Here in this poem are my observations of this spirit in action on our city streets:

Seen through broad windows above polished oak tables,
Dark blanket of evening adorns the city in sables,
Coy figures shimmer between lonely street lights,
Pen is released by the hypnotic sights

In the gloaming they observe without being seen,
Their invisible presence scanning the scene,
Sudden amber pearl-drop eyes pierce the yellowy light,
Slender red muzzle narrows to black nares and snowy white.

Again like sleight of hand they slip from sight,
Then re-emerge from the shadowy night,
Spirit of vulpes silently glides,
With totem wisdom it effortlessly guides.

New season signals freedom and new adventures when,
Silent troops disperse from the den,
Bushy tailed shaman casts magic! all are withdrawn!
Pen starts to scribble on page until dawn.

4 thoughts on “Foxy Spirit

    • Thank you so much for passing by and for leaving a comment. I am so glad that you found the information interesting and that you enjoyed the poem too!
      It was also re-published today on “the poet daily”, an online newspaper, so hopefully the word it getting out there!

      • you’re welcome – i am not surprised on your re-publish status. excellent writing will not stay unnoticed too long. cheers! ☺

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