Spirits gather on this most auspicious of nights, 
As a portal slowly opens to the otherworld’s heights,
Magic and fire on hilltops form halo sprites,
Heralds death and rebirth through mystical rites,

And with each gust of blustery nocturnal wind,
Icy chills rescind as veils between past lives are thinned,
Now silent lanterns flicker and sway while they grin and protect ’till the darker half’s first day.

14 thoughts on “Samhain

    • Thank you so much! Yes, indeed I had a wonderful Samhain, hope you had a blessed Samhain too!
      I’m so glad that you liked my poem, and that you noticed the anagram, my little tribute to this very special time of the year!
      Thank you again for your delightful comment and for following me, I look forward to reading and commenting on your superb blog too.

  1. This from Wikipedia – Samhain (pronounced /ˈsɑːwɪn/ SAH-win or /ˈsaʊ.ɪn/ SOW-in)[1] is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. It is celebrated from sunset on 31 October to sunset on 1 November, which is nearly halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Along with Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasadh it makes up the four Gaelic seasonal festivals.

    Coming from the bottom of the world (Australia) I had to look up what it meant. You have regaled us with your beautiful poetry as usual. It is beautiful in its own right, but even more so when you have an understanding of what Samhain is. Thank you. Sandra

    • I’m so glad that you had the opportunity to look up the subject matter and to share it here with the other readers. And I hope that some of the spirit of this time of year in the northern hemisphere is conveyed through the poem? As a person that lives in southern hemisphere, far detached from the goings on of this festival, and the autumnal atmosphere that surround it, I would be very interested to know what feelings it generates within you?
      Again, thank you so much for taking time share your thoughts with me in such a kind and articulate way. I am touched.

      • It brings to mind visions of a far off place. Travelling through space and time. It felt a little foreboding as the transition is made from the light filled months to the darker months, but it brings anticipation of something new.

        I say that you are the best poet I’ve ever read. You put so much thought into it and I find your style extremely evocative in the sense that it conjures ideas or images in the mind. And the way it makes you feel – like WOW! – transported to another world. Thank you so much. I love you for it. Sandra.

      • I cannot tell you how your dear and kind words have made me feel! Indeed I hardly consider by works worthy of such benevolent praise. My scribbles are nothing more than a sinke reflection of what I percieve at any one time through the eye of my heart and mind. That you feel pleasure and enjoyment through them humbles me, and my heart is touched by your expression of this to me. I feel so priviledged that you read my works.

        Regarding the imagery and sentiments that are conjured up when you read this poem, what you have expressed is a beautiful reflection of one of the aspects of this work, and it warms my heart knowing that you were able to receive this through the poem. Thank you for sharing this with me, it will give me the confidence to write some more!

  2. You are more than welcome. The way you handle the subject matter is with sheer love. You take all manner of topics and lift them to their ultimate state of being. You lift us from the depravity of the world and raise our spirits. You are a healer. I hope that your confidence never wanes and that you will always find those who value the gift that you give. Love, Sandra.

  3. I Dropped into your site to say thank you for reading my piece realpolitic (The K didn’t feel right).
    As I approached your site I noticed the title Samhain and had to stop and read it before leaving. I really enjoyed it. In addressing your question honorably I have to admit that I never know when people ask for an opinion if they might be hurt by any “suggestions” and I feel cautious and concerned about hurting anyone. I have lived having numerous experiences that give me an understanding of Samhain’s significance and related activity.
    For that reason I’m not sure if what you’re asking is if the poem conveys something, which it does and certainly the form is beyond any criticism I can imagine, or if it imparts something specific about the depth of Samhain’s spiritual significance? It doesn’t appear that you set out to write something didactic, but rather to convey the mood. In any case I like your poem and the way it conveys the mood and mystery of the celebration, with the fires on hilltops and the open portal. I hope my comments are in someway useful to you and I really appreciate the fact that you took time to read and “like” My work.

    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for taking time to leave such a detailed and constructive comment.
      I poem was written quickly “off the cuff” on the day of Samhain, in order to catch the mood at that moment, and I am so glad to read that it also conveyed something of the mysticism too, which is something that I had really wanted to capture too. However, you are absolutely correct, it was certainly not a didactic work, and is not meant to be.
      I really appreciate your time and useful insight and feedback. I also look forward to reading more on your superb blog too!

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